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Foreground: Kurt Trzeciak, racing Greyhound trainer and Greyhound; Background: Greyhound in racing muzzle

Episode 36: Recorded April 2, 2023

“You’ve always got your eyes on the dogs. You’re always on your toes to make sure the dogs are 100% healthy.”

Kurt Trzeciak on his number one responsibility as a racing Greyhound trainer

Show Notes

Born and raised in Texas, Kurt Trzeciak had a love for Greyhounds and Greyhound racing. As a kid, while visiting Florida, he’d sit with his grandpa and sister in the car at the track listening to the race calls at the Sarasota Kennel Club. They would sit and pick their favorite Greyhounds to win while his mother and grandmother enjoyed the races in person.

At the age of eighteen, Kurt was invited to visit a Texas kennel and experience the turnout of Greyhounds. He was instantly mobbed by all the happy hounds. In that moment, he knew that he wanted to spend his life working with and training these dogs. It was the start of a 30 year career in racing Greyhound training, covering thirteen different tracks.

In 2018, Kurt found himself in the position of industry advocate in the face of Florida’s constitutional Amendment 13 to ban gambling on Greyhound racing. He became an active participant in public hearings on the amendment. He also experienced firsthand the challenges of communicating the trainer’s point of view on Greyhound racing welfare and sport.

In this episode, John and Kurt dive deep into the 30 year career of an American racing Greyhound trainer. They discuss every aspect of the job, including rising through the ranks at a racing kennel, being an advocate for each Greyhound’s health and well being, and tips and techniques for feeding, training, and rehabilitation. John also introduces Parker’s Lightning Round — a quick series of questions for our guest that is certain to become a staple in future episodes.


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